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Board of Directors ~ "About Us"

President ~ Jessica Brown...

"This season I will be serving as the BPA President and Guard Chair. Next year is my 5th year in the program and I have served the last three years as the VP of Large Events and Guard Chair. I have two daughters both in the guard. My oldest, Chloe is a 2022 graduate and has spun all 8 seasons (4 marching and 4 winter) at West. My youngest, Isabella will be a sophomore and has already spun at West for 4 seasons (2 marching and 2 winter). I have some of the most amazing memories from the last 4 years and know that the next year will add more. My one suggestion to parents is get involved! Volunteering is not only rewarding, but you get to see first hand just how much the staff and other volunteers love and encourage your kids. Hearing it from your kids or others doesn’t compare to seeing it first hand."


Pictured - Jessica Brown (Left), Chloe Brown (Current Senior, Middle) and Bella Brown (Current Freshman, Right)

outside an old haunted building in Benson, NC.

VP of Large Events ~ Daniel McLeod...

"Daniel McLeod
Son: Scott McLeod, Trumpet
Daughter: Kathryn McLeod, Mellophone

I have been involved with the BPA since 2020 as a Band Parent at Large. This 2022-2023 school year I will be the VP of Large Events. I am looking forward to working with Luke Meade, and this board to have another great year. My Wife and I met in band and this year we will be celebrating 19 years of Marriage."


Pictured: Daniel on Right with his wife Stephanie on the left, enjoying a waterfall in the lush land of Odessa, TX

(or somewhere close to that).

VP of Operations ~ Dawn Starling...

"My name is Dawn Starling. I will be the VP of Operations for the 2022-2023 school year. I have been involved with West Johnston’s Band Program for 2 years. My son Brady will be a junior next year and plays in the marching band, jazz band, and winter percussion programs. He plays trombone, bass guitar, and vibraphone. One interesting tidbit about me is that I love to build things for around the house like barn doors, shutters, etc. My favorite band memory is seeing my son march in the Disney parade."


Pictured: Dawn Starling (top) with

her son Brady (bottom)

VP of Ways & Means  ~ "Open"...

Secretary ~ Suzanne Weldy...

"My name is Suzanne Weldy and I've been involved with the West Johnston Band since Fall of 2020. This year I'll be serving as the BPA Secretary, so I'll be helping organize all the paperwork the band needs, as well as document everything that happens! My son is Jack Weldy - he plays Alto Saxophone and is a rising junior. My favorite band memory would be the outdoor spring 2021 concert. It had gorgeous weather, fantastic music and the Color Guard's "Survivor" mash up performance was deeply meaningful that day. It's going to be a FANTASTIC year!!"


Pictured: Suzanne Weldy (right) with husband

Todd Weldy (Left) rocking some very stylish hats.

If you would like a hat like this, please contact them.

Treasurer ~ Adam Starling...

“My name is Adam Starling, and I’ll be the WJHS Band Treasurer for the 2022-23 school year after working with the Pit and Prop Crew my first two years. This upcoming year will be my third with the program as my son, Brady, will be a junior. Thus far, he has played trombone in Symphonic, Wind Ensemble, and Marching Band; bass guitar in Jazz Band; and vibraphone in Winter Percussion. While the past two years have had many memorable moments with the band, my favorite was watching them execute an exceptional performance in the second round at the Crystal Coast Band Classic after their disappointment in the initial one. Doing so demonstrated an impressive level of maturity for high school students that exemplifies both their quality and that of their leaders and staff. A fun fact about me is that as part of my refusal to grow up, I like to run obstacle course races of distances from 5k up to 50k. I’m looking forward to another year supporting the band and watching their continued progress.”


Pictured - Adam Starling (Left) and Dawn Starling (Right) at a beautiful

Air BNB on their annual visit to the United Kingdom.


Financial Secretary ~ Amy Peters

"I am Amy Peters. For our 2022-2023 Season, I will be serving as the BPA's Financial Secretary; and, will continue to serve as the Communication Coordinator and Apparel Chairperson. My husband Mike and I have a daughter, (our Amazing) Grace!, who is a junior: Grace plays the Clarinet for Marching Band and the Oboe, in Wind Ensemble.
I cannot pinpoint one specific, favorite Band memory; there are so many awesome moments! What I will say is this, I never, ever, get tired of hearing/watching our Marching Band/Guard at Football Games or at Competitions/Performances!
I look forward to seeing our students continue to grow and develop their craft. As someone who knows absolutely nothing about reading music, let alone playing an instrument(s) (or spinning!), I am forever in awe of our students' many talents and gifts!
Here's to a great year!!"


Pictured: Amy Peters (Right) with husband Mike Peters (Left) and daughter Grace Peters (Middle). Fun fact, the Peters celebrate Christmas year-round and love to leave the tree up... even though Mr. Meade hates that and thinks that Christmas should only be post-Thanksgiving through January 1st... but that's neither here nor there. Yay Peters family!

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