BPA General Meeting Minutes

WJBPA General Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2019

Minutes Taken By: Ginger Cherry

Attendance:  See Sign In Sheets with these minutes

Time: 7pm-8:08pm


Director:  Lucas Meade (Mary Lahr)

➢ Winds/Guard updates—Guard won first place in their A3 Class at Cleveland’s competition, and may get bumped up to the next class because of it!   Guard is doing great, and Winds students were very helpful and supportive on Saturday!  The Guard is very appreciative of the support they received.

Winds—Kim Kemp sent out a call for help and we are fitting uniforms.  Dave Hendershott is going to drive his truck and pull the trailer.  We are looking at long days on trip days.  We are going to leave very early.  Richmond we perform at 9:30am, so we will need to leave at least by 5:30am…we will probably try to leave by 4:45 am.  We have to go to Richmond to go to Dayton—only two groups performing, but we will get two performances.  Second performance is probably close to 5pm.  Please consider helping out with any of the Winds items, trips, fittings, donations, time. 

 ➢ Clinician – follow-up from Ben Cook’s visit

 ➢ Musical—happening, we do need volunteers, but we also need concessions goods, like drinks and snacks.  We can cook cookies from cookie dough for our donation to concessions.  We may put candy bars with the quilt and sell together.  If you volunteer to sell tickets for the quilt, then can bring candy bar box for own IE.

 ➢ Mattress Sale update--$2315; comment made about concerns that the company  schedules local schools so close together (West last weekend, Cleveland this weekend, and Harnett High doing theirs, too).  They gave us an additional $350.00 to help us out, which was nice.  We are discussing doing it in November; have meeting at Post Season Show, and have the sale one weekend at end of November.  Overlap with Turkey Shoot, but we can advertise with it and hand out flyers.  Question is if we will tap out our market---are only families or people connected buying.  How can we get more?  If we have the sale in the fall, then we can use Compass Classic (New Fall Competition) to advertise, too.  Please go back and pick up yard signs.


Vice President – Danny Jones (w/Amy Dellinger)

➢ Chocolate Bar Fundraiser—Lots of Bars---please sell!  Check out box; all $60 comes back to black box, and $30 goes to students IE.  Please pay for the boxes as you sell them.  Do not wait to turn in money.  Danny will be keeping up with the money return and will not allow other boxes to be taken if  the previous box has not been paid.  We will run the fundraiser through end of school.  No money left out after that.  We will continue sales based on how well we do.  Mr. Meade will have extra boxes in the band room to hand out; sign them out from him.

 ➢ Pretzel Fundraiser—Like the cookie dough fundraiser.  Whatever the band makes 50% goes to IE and 50% to general fund.  All orders in by February 15th in the black box.  Question about ingredients (Jodi will try to find out.)

-RedNeck BBQ---we will put our name back in for the fundraiser. (Can only do once a year.)


At Large – Jodi Calderone

➢ Hospitality – next clinician visit (February 21- Chavis)  Jodi has a sign up sheet, and she sent an email for help.  Jodi will take it if no one else wants it…she thinks a breakfast casserole.  Thank you to Valeshia and Jennifer for helping with last clinician---very much appreciated!


Vice President - Cindy Salgado

➢ Large event announcements—Willy Wonka sign up sheet for musical volunteers.  Plus we can use concessions items like water, sodas, and snacks for concessions and for Winter group travel.

-Strawberry Festival is April 27, 2019 and we will attend and sell sunshine in a cup.

--We are not doing Mule Days next year---we will march in parade.  We only made $700 from clothing and $600 for parking.  A declining fundraiser that takes too many volunteers and too many days, so board voted to not participate next year.

--We will have a fall competition.  Compass Classic (Taking Band Competitions in a New Direction); will not be a NC Band Masters Assoc. sanctioned event to allow us more leeway.  We will hire our own judges and run it our way.  Larger bands perform first and then the smaller bands, giving them a chance to perform under the lights.  We will keep some Band Master rules that will not harm scores, but will give practice, such as moving on and off the field. We are thinking about having Prelims and finals.  Date set is:  October 5, 2019.  We are still going to have great food and concessions.  We want to utilize what we know works!  Maybe just have baked potatoes, hot dogs and walking tacos?  Small cost; big return.  BJs will donate some things, so Jodi is going to get a letter to help with that. We do need a small committee of parents willing to work on this event starting within the month.  Please contact Ginger or Mary Lahr if you are interested!


Vice President – Sue Comeford

➢ Volunteer to pick up Mr. Chavis at airport on Thursday, Feb. 21—Valeshia Jones will pick him up!   Thank you!  Mr. Meade will take him back to the airport.

-Joey will be here for a week. 11:20 am on February 27th needs to be taken back  to the airport. (Jodi may be able to, but someone else can volunteer.)

-Volunteers for Winds chaperones; Charter bus ~$45 for each competition; let Sue know if you want to go.   Chaperone duties:  feeding kids lunch and dinner; helping with pit and prop; helping with uniforms;

 ➢ Assessment of uniform needs Fall 2019;  we will need a uniform parent next year; please let us know if you are interested.


Secretary – Ginger Cherry

➢ Quilt Raffle—Tickets $2.00, and the quilt will be at the musical!


Treasurer’s Report – Kathy Corino

➢ Financial report—given in paper form at meeting.

 ➢ IE Accounts

--PNC Disney on Ice is being readjusted…to much given.

-PNC and Grocery Cards still going strong.  We are planning on renegotiating our stand size next year and possibly looking at other options.


President – Mary Lahr Cain

➢ 2019 Budget Committee

• Sue Comeford, Suzie Wilhelm, Jennifer Miller, Courtney Parris, Jessica Brown, Mary Lahr Cain, Kathy Corino & Karianne McNoldy (ex officio, non-voting), Danny Jones (ad hoc, voting) , Serena Luke. 

-We need to let this committee know how much we have spent, so that they have a good idea.  We need to have an accurate representation of what we need to budget for next year.


➢ 2019 Nomination Committee

Sue Comeford (Senior, Winds), Karianne McNoldy (Freshman Winds and Guard), waiting to hear back from Jess Barbour (freshman, Guard).  Jocelyn Bianchi (Freshman), Cindy Salgado  agreed to be the Junior class representative.  We do need a Sophomore Parent Representative.

 ➢ Volunteer needed to take empty toner cartridges to Staples for Rewards program—Kathy Corino volunteered.

➢ Important Dates • Willy-Wonka – 2/14, 2/15, 2/16

  • Guard Competition 2/16 @Panther Creek

  • Winds Competition 2/23 @Powhatan HS

  • BPA Board Meeting – 2/26 @6:30pm

  • Spring Concert – 3/1 @7pm

  • BPA General Meeting—3/5 @7pm


Question came up about Band Banquet—May 11; voted for it over May 18

Question came up about Varsity Letters, and Mr. Meade said he can do that.  Last class to get them are the Seniors, so three classes need them.


Apparel—Hats are here ($20).  They have the new logo!

We will be doing show shirts for Guard and Winds; so be on the lookout.


Thanks to everyone for being here!