Committee Chairpersons / Coordinators*

Apparel                                                 Amy Peters                          

Communications                                 Amy Peters              

Fair Share                                             BeLinda Weimer      

Grocery Card / ShopWithScrip         Stephanie McLeod 

Guard                                                    Jessica Brown        

                                                               Jill Griffis                  


                Jessica Brown, Jill Szalaj, Dawn Wrench                                 

Pit / Prop Transportation                   Gene Wrench          

PNC                                                       Dawn Wrench               

Uniforms                                               Michele Barden     

                                                               BeLinda Weimer    

**see Brief Description of Roles below

*Committee Chairpersons / Coordinators, Brief Description of Roles

  • Apparel:  "...Orders logo apparel, such as varsity jackets, wind suits, hooded sweatshirts, golf/polo shirts, t-shirts..."

  • Communications:  "...Ensures information is timely communicated to the public and membership consistent with its operations manual. Ensures webmaster and publicity functions are operational..."

  • Fair Share:  "...Works with The Treasurer, Ways and Means, and committee chairs to document fundraising properties in a regular and timely manner to prevent loss...i.  Provides accurate and timely data to be posted to the Fair Share accounts..." (aka Incidental Expenses (IE))

  • Grocery Card / ShopWithScrip:  "...Orders, documents, receives, sorts, distributes, receives payments, and reports to Fair Share Coordinator on purchase of gift cards from the Grocery Card Program..."

  • Guard:  "...Works for the specific needs of the Color Guard and Winter Guard.  Helps with all aspects of the Guard uniforms and coordinates sewing needs (uniform, flags, etc.) as needed..."

  • Hospitality:  "...Organizes a budget and ensures staffing for events where a social or hospitality function is provided..."

  • Pit / Prop Transportation:  "...Works with the VP of Operations to ensure transportation of equipment, props, musical instruments and pit instruments to and from events and helps getting these items on and off the field at events..."

  • PNC:  Manages volunteers and our relationship with PNC (who contracts with volunteer organizations to staff their concession stands).

  • Uniforms:  "...shall be responsible for student uniforms each school year..."