Little Caesars Fundraiser

  • The Specifics...

~100% of $$$ EARNED goes to your I.E.:  FOR EACH PIZZA KIT SOLD, your I.E. ACCOUNT will be CREDITED $6.00!!

~This is completely VIRTUAL - so easy!; PIZZA KITS will be SHIPPED DIRECTLY to your SPONSORS!

~This Event runs from July 1st thru July 31st!


  • Setting Up Your Account, "Advertising", Tracking Sales, etc.:

1. SETTING UP your ACCOUNT...Here's the LINK...   

    ~Setting up your account is super quick and easy!; took us less than two minutes! (See screenshots below, (5) screens and you're all set!)


2. "Advertising":  EMAIL your friends, families, etc. & POST TO SOCIAL MEDIA:  Email Templates & Social Media Post Ideas are provided so all you'll need to do is cut and paste!  It's really that simple!

(Note/Tip:  To get to the Templates/Ideas...From the "Here's What's Next" screen, click on the "Tools & Tips" button under #3-Promote Your Fundraiser.)


3. Tracking Sales:  Once you've created your Account, you'll be able to see how many kits have been purchased and by whom.   



If you have any questions regarding this fundraiser, please reach out to Jessica Brown (email: or via the BAND app).