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Marching Band 2022

2022 Marching Band Paperwork

How/Where To Return Forms & Payment Method


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 There is certain Apparel that is *Required* for select (or all) groups in the Band Program:  There is also Apparel that is *Optional*.

  • Typically, a few times during the year, you will have the opportunity to purchase "select" Apparel

    • When you receive the information regarding Apparel Ordering, be sure to take advantage of ordering what you may need/want at that time;

      • It is important to note that, as a rule, Apparel may ONLY be ordered during these designated Apparel Ordering times;

      • Generally speaking, Apparel may NOT be ordered as "one-offs"; reason being, our Vendors have a minimum number order requirement for most items; additionally, it would be would be cost prohibitive if we were to order less than the minimum on certain items.

  • FYI to Parents/Guardians/Family Members of Students:  Many of our Parents/Guardians, etc. also purchase/wear WEST Apparel - in support of our Band Students.  (i.e. You'll see many folks in the stands at Football Games, Competitions, etc. with some sort of WEST Band Apparel on - whether it be a T-shirt, Long sleeve Shirt, Jacket or Hat, etc.).  Additionally, Chaperones are encouraged to wear WEST Apparel while chaperoning (though not required, of course).

What follows is a list of Apparel that is offered through the Apparel Program:

  • Duffel Bag  

  • (West Band) Hat/Cap

  • Hoodie Sweatshirt

  • Jacket - Ladies (fitted)

  • Jacket - Mens 

  • Jazz Band Long Sleeve Button-Up (Note:  For Jazz Ensemble Only)

  • Long Sleeve "Logo" T-Shirt

  • Short Sleeve "Journey" T-Shirt       (Note:  For STUDENTS ONLY)

  • Short Sleeve "Logo" T-Shirt

  • (West) Sunglasses

  • Jogger Pants

*Required* Apparel

  • Jacket - Black

    • required when "jacket-weather";

    • what "qualifies"?:  

      • You may purchase a Jacket through the Apparel program;​

      • You may purchase a Hoodie through the Apparel program; or,

      • You may wear a plain black Jacket of your own (no logos, no other color).

  • Jazz Shirt (required for Jazz Ensemble only)

    • Must be purchased through the Apparel program.​

  • Khaki-colored Shorts

    • Worn with the "Journey" T-shirt at Parades (if not in Uniform) AND after you change out of your Uniform, usually after Competitions.;

    • Must be purchased/provided by Student; not part of the Apparel program.

    • Two pairs are recommended.

  • Shoes - Black - Marching Band

    • required when in Marching Band Uniform;

    • Must be purchased through the Band program;

    • Information will be provided separately when it is time for these Orders to be taken.

  • WJHS Band Uniform Accessories 

Completed Forms May Be Returned as Follows:

For Contract Signing-Related Forms (excluding Health Forms):  

For Health Forms:

                            65 Glen Road, PMB 225

                            Garner, NC  27529

                            Attn:  Mr. Meade

2022 - 2023 Incidental Expenses (IE) Payment Schedule

Due By                                 Amount Due

May 12th                             $290- (includes $50 uniform fee)

June 15th                            $240-

July 15th                             $240-

August 15th                        $240-

September 15th                 $240-

Due By July 1st

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