2019 West Band Mattress Fundraiser

More details coming soon!

The West Johnston Band will hold our 3rd annual Mattress Fundraiser this year.    While it sounds unconventional, this fundraiser has an incredible business model that has helped make high school groups across the country tens of thousands of dollars in a single day!

Why it works: 1) When was the last time you bought a new mattress? Since this is not an item you buy very often, you could sleep easier, help the band AND do so for a huge discount compared to what you would buy at a furniture store.

2) Students aren't actually selling anything - all we need is for every student to get at least 10 people in the door. Not to buy anything - just get 10 people in the door!!

3) Students get CASH for purchases made in their name. $25 for each of the first two beds, and $50 for every bed after the first two! Did we mention they're not even directly selling anything? They just need to get people in the door!

4) The band gets bonuses the more beds are sold!