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Volunteer - Level 2

"Johnston County Public Schools - Volunteers"

Short/Quick Info RE:  Level 2 Volunteers: 

Note:  The reason for this...The principal receives a plethora of Level 2 Volunteer requests/emails; by emailing Dawn S., she can ensure that these requests flow through the proper channels and receive approval.​

Detailed Information RE:  Level 1 vs. Level 2 Volunteers:

"JCPS Volunteers can be approved on two different levels:

Level 1:  A Level 1 Volunteer requires only the approval of the school principal and does not require a criminal records background check.  A Level 1 Volunteer is intended for activities that do not involve direct and independent supervision of students..."

Level 2 Volunteer - Defined:  "A Level 2 Volunteer requires principal approval as well as a criminal records background check and district approval.  Level 2 approval is at the discretion of District Administrators.  A Level 2 Volunteer is intended for activities that include, but are not limited to:  tutors who directly supervise students, field trip or dance chaperones, coaches, mentors, or any other activity where a volunteer is directly and independently responsible for supervising students."

"How To"...

Beginning 7/2...Level 2 Volunteers:  Register/Re-Register at

New Volunteers:

  • Click to register;

  • Once on the JCPS volunteer website, click "New Volunteer" to begin the process;

  • Answer all of the questions on the application;

  • Click "Save"

Existing Volunteer Information:

AFTER July 1st of EACH year, current volunteers must access their account at 

and reactivate their volunteer status.

  • Go to the website and enter your login and password information;

  • Review your account information and make any necessary changes;

  • Answer the "Yes or No' question near the bottom of the application;

  • Click "Save"

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