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West Johnston Compass Classic ~ 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Compass Classic! 

After a brief hiatus, the West Johnston High School

Marching Band is beyond pleased to welcome marching bands from all across our state to present our audiences with the incredible artistry of your ensembles. We hope that through this event your students will experience the value of performance, the rewards of grit and perseverance and connect with both each other and our audience members in a way no other activity can. 


The 2022 Compass Classic is an NCBA-sanctioned marching band competition hosted early in the season (October 8th, 2022) and will follow a Prelims/Finals format in an effort to better serve participating schools by giving them more chances to receive feedback from the judges. Finals participants will be comprised of the top school from each class, and then the next four highest scores. 


Overall and Caption awards will be given at the conclusion of preliminary performances.  The day will culminate with the presentation of Finals Overall awards and the New Direction Award, a custom glass award given to the marching band that the judges feel is taking this sport in a whole new direction. If your band has decided to try something new this fall, this competition is a great place to showcase your students. 

West Johnston High School

5935 Raleigh Road

Benson, NC  27504


Luke Meade, Director of Bands

Jessica Leighton, Assistant Director of Bands


Jessica Brown, Daniel McLeod:  Compass Classic Co-Chairs

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