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Varsity Winter Guard 2023


Due by Fri., January 21st, 2022...

Winter Guard 2021-2022 Competitions_Updated_02102022.jpg

Minicamps  (Note:  See Calendar for Regularly -Scheduled Rehearsals & Additional Information)

  • Saturday, December 11th, 2021; 9AM - 5PM

  • Saturday, January 22nd, 2022; 9AM - 5PM                  ~~Cancelled Due To Inclement Weather;

                                                                                                      Will Be Made Up Via Additional Rehearsals~~

Incidental Expenses Payment Schedule

Due By                                        Amount Due

December 1st, 2021                  $260

January 15th, 2022                   $260

February 15th, 2022                 $260

March 15th, 2022                      $260

Payment Submission

Additional Items Each Student Will Need

  • Body Tights (Provided to New Members); REQUIRED for EVERY Competition;

  • Seamless Undergarments (Bra and Underwear for Ladies; Compression Shorts for Guys)

  • Make-up:

    • Foundation

    • Highlighter

    • Setting Powder

    • Mascara

    • Eye Shadow Pallet (TBD)

    • Blush (TBD)

    • Lipstick (TBD)

  • Hair Accessories for the Required "Look" (TBD)

  • Black Jacket: 

    • WJHS Band Jacket or WJHS Band Fleece Jacket

    • WJHS Hoodie

    • Solid Black Jacket

  • Black Leggings/Joggers​

  • Easy Slip-On/Off Shoes (Crocs (any color) are highly recommended and are a favorite of veteran members.)

  • "Guard Bag" to Hold All Items Needed to Get Ready for Competitions

BPA Contacts

Jessica Brown:

Jill Griffis:  

Winter Guard Team 2021_2022.jpg

First Rehearsal of the Season...

Winter Guard_1st Rehearsal.jpg

CWEA River Bluff; Lexington, SC

Winter Guard_03122022_1.jpg

#CrackerBarrell #ChickinAndDumplinTime :  Gafney, SC

CWEA Championship_Pitstop_Gaffney SC_03192022.jpg
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