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World's Finest Chocolate ~ Candy Bar Fundraiser

I.E. Fundraiser...Here's How It Works...

  1. Reach Out to Ms. Tyler or Mrs. Stevens via the BAND app to "Check Out" (1) Box of Candy Bars;

  2. Your I.E. Account Will Be Charged $36;

  3. Sell Your (60) Candy Bars (for $1 Each);

  4. Once You Have Sold ALL 60 Candy Bars...(Note:  ALL 60 Bars must be sold.)...

    1. Put the $60 in the Envelope Provided; Include Your Name, Date AND...

      • **Important**:  Please Be Sure to Include the BOX# (which is cited on the box) on the Envelope;

    2. Then, Check Out Another Box (if you'd care to);

  5. Your I.E. Account Will Be Credited the $60 --> Resulting in $24 EARNED/Credited to Your I.E. Account!!


For Tips & Tools for this Fundraiser, Please Visit World's Finest Chocolate Website...Click Below...

(i.e. Social Media Kit, Parent Communication, etc.)

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