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Incidental Expenses (IE) - Defined

General Information

There are costs associated with participating in certain activities/programs (i.e. Marching Band, Guard):  The full cost for participation in these programs is NOT due in full, up-front; rather, there are incremental payments due that are spread out over the course of several months. 


"Incidental Expenses" (IE) Account

  • There are also opportunities to earn Credit  that can then be applied to any Amount Owed/Balance Due (or can be accrued for future use):  Any/all credit earned will be reflected/tracked in each Student's IE Account.

  • There are several opportunities to earn Credit such as...

  1. Purchasing Grocery Cards* 

  2. Volunteering as a PNC (Arena) Volunteer* (Note:  must be at least 16 years old) 

  3. Purchasing ShopWithScrip* 

  • Note:  In addition to the on-going IE earning opportunities cited above, other specific/one-time opportunities may also be available. (i.e. Reverse Raffle Fundraiser:  When this Fundraiser is held, each Student earns IE credit for the tickets they sell.)

*linked to page with detailed information

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