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Board of Directors

President                                             Jessica Brown                                      

VP of Large Events                            Daniel McLeod                                      


Compass Classic Chair                   Daniel McLeod

VP of Operations                                Dawn Starling                                      

VP of Ways & Means                         'Open'                                                    

Secretary                                             Alicia Ruhle                              

Treasurer                                             Adam Starling                                        

Financial Secretary                           Janice Rando                                             


Band Parent At Large                        Stacy Wright                                 

Band Parent At Large                        Stephanie McLeod                                      

Brief Description of Roles
  • President:  "...Ensures the efficient operation of the Association through the committee structure and to generally promote the welfare and advancement of the Association..."

  • VP of Large Events:  "...responsible for those contests, competitions, and performances or other functions that involve significant volunteer support..."

  • VP of Operations:  "...Coordinates Travel (local and out-of-state), Travel Hospitality, Chaperone, Uniform, Prop and Instrument Transport committees; works with the directors as needed to aid and secure lodging options and assist with transportation contracts; and travels with the band and ensembles or ensures a competent proxy does so..."

  • VP of Ways & Means:  "...oversees ongoing programs whose primary function is fund raising..."

  • Secretary:  "...keep an accurate and permanent record (meeting minutes) of any actions taken at (Board of Directors and/or Association meetings)...and report same at next...meeting..."

  • Treasurer:  "...responsible for the cash flow and financial management of the Association..."

  • Financial Secretary:  "...receives, records and deposits all incoming monies collected by the organization..."

  • Band Parent at Large:  " members of the Board of Directors..."

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