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JCPS Volunteers

In order to volunteer with West J Bands & Ensembles, you must be a verified volunteer according to Johnston County Public Schools. We highly recommend completing the Level 2 application! 
Please follow the steps below.

Register at:
After July 1st of every year, current volunteers must reactivate their volunteer status. Please write down your username and password before closing the tab.
Upon completion, send a confirmation email to so our VP can notify the WJHS Principal of your application or renewal. The principal must have this notification from our VP to approve the application. Please do not email the WJHS Principal directly.

Level 1 Volunteers
A Level 1 Volunteer requires only approval of the school principal and does not require a criminal records background check. This level is intended for activities that do not involve direct and independent supervision of students.

Level 2 Volunteers
A Level 2 Volunteer requires principal approval, as well as a criminal records background check and district approval. This level is intended for activities that include, but are not limited to: tutors who directly supervise students, field trip chaperones, coaches, mentors, or any other activity where a volunteer is directly and independently responsible for supervising students.
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