West Johnston Band 2015


Hello, West Band Families!


You have unlimited opportunities to add money to your child’s Incidental Expenses account the EASIEST WAY EVER – by shopping and dining out as you normally would! It’s as simple as that! No kidding, the money is ALL FREE!


What is ShopWithScrip?

ShopWithScrip is a fundraising program that turns everyday shopping into cash for the general fund and for our kids’ IE accounts when we use retail gift cards to pay for everyday purchases instead of the usual credit/debit card or cash. We purchase gift cards using any one of the methods described below, and receive back a percentage of the amount purchased as a rebate (varies per retailer). As an example, when I visit one of my friends, we enjoy having lunch at Red Robin, who currently gives a 9% rebate. The total bill is $33, and I decide to leave a $7 tip. I use MyScripWallet to download a $40 gift card barcode to my smart phone in less time than it takes the server to return to the table. Just like that, $3.60 in FREE money, 90% of which goes to your child’s IE account! Frequently, retailers will offer limited-time increases in their rebate percentages. For example, in honor of ShopWithScrip’s 20th anniversary, one retailer per day for 20 days offered a 20% rebate! By purchasing gift cards for Christmas, which I had planned to do anyway, I racked up $36 in rebates!


There are 3 ways to use ShopWithScrip:

1. Go to shopwithscrip.com, select and order gift cards from hundreds of listed vendors, and pick your cards up from your ShopWithScrip Coordinator (me) at a designated time and place;

2. Go to shopwithscrip.com, select and download e-gift certificates from hundreds of listed vendors, and print your e-gift certificates for immediate use;

3. Go to myscripwallet.com, add the mobile website to the desktop on your smart phone, and the next time you are shopping or dining out, use the website to download a bar code that works like a gift card (it only takes a couple of minutes), and use the bar code to pay for your goods or services when you check out.


To take advantage of this easy way to add FREE MONEY to your child’s IE account, go to shopwithscrip.com and sign up for an account.  You will need to email me first to get a sign up code.  Once you’re signed up, you will be able to purchase physical gift cards. To purchase and print electronic gift cards and to use the MyScripWallet feature, you will also need to sign up for a PrestoPay account, which securely links your checking account to your Scrip account so that you can make those immediate purchases. More information on those features is provided below, or you can contact your coordinator (me) for help getting set up. Then, tell all of your friends and family to get their gift cards through you, or set up their own accounts, to put even more money into your kid’s IE account!


Happy Scripping, everyone!


Jennifer Miller

ShopWithScrip/Grocery Card Coordinator


(919) 622-6143