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West Johnston Percussion

While the percussion are a critical group during marching band, Winter is when they have a season completely focused on them. Our Winter Percussion (Drumline and Fronts Ensemble) runs on a similar timeline to our Winter Guard, competing on the Atlantic Indoor Association (AIA) and Winter Guard International (WGI) circuits. 
Although the group is primarily year-round percussionists, some wind students choose to learn percussion instruments and play in our front ensemble. The drumline or battery includes Snare Drum, Bass Drum and Tenors Drums. The "front ensemble" includes Marimbas, Vibraphones, Xylophone, Bells, Synth/Piano and "Rack" (Auxillary instruments), as well as any other instruments the show needs. Depending on auditions, we have also featured Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drumset - although this depends on the skill of the auditionee and the fit with the show. 

Cost for the group varies by year, but is generally between $600 and $900. As always, we do a LOT of fundraising, so please don't let the cost be the reason you don't audition!!
General Calendar

Mid-November - Auditions/Experience Camps
December - Contract Signing; Rehearsals Begin (Mon/Wed)
December/January - One Saturday minicamp per month

February/March - Competitions (Full Days on Saturdays)
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