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Volunteer Opportunities 

To be a volunteer, you must be registered through Johnston County Public Schools.
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Being a part of the Hospitality Team is a great way to get to know and support our Marching Band students.  

And, you do not have to cook or be at every event!

Hospitality coordinates and provides the following:

  • Meals for Staff (breakfast and lunch) during Band Camp

  • Dinners for Students during the 2nd week of Band Camp

  • Dinner for Students ($5 per student) and Staff before Football Games

  • Snacks at Competitions

  • Food during overnight or longer trips

  • Assists with Director and Judges Hospitality at Compass Classic and Winterfest


What do we need?

  • Volunteers to help with cooking (recipe and all ingredients provided)

  • Volunteers to provide purchased or homemade meals for Band Camp Staff

  • Delicious desserts for Students (Band Camp and Football Games)

  • Volunteers to help with serving Students

  • Snack and water donations for Competitions


For more information, please email

Uniform Washers

Being a uniform washer is an easy way to help the Band from the comfort of your own home.

When:  During the Fall Marching Band Season; AFTER each performance


  • Uniform Washers will take a set number of assigned uniforms home, wash them, and then return them to the Uniform Room (in the Band Room) by a set date.

  • Washing is easy and instructions are provided.

  • A Schedule will be sent to each Uniform Washer and posted in the Uniform Room. 

Information for parents interested in washing uniforms will be available soon!

Compass Classic & Winterfest

These two events require "all hands on deck!"  Compass Classic is our marching band competition that we host on the second Saturday of October. Winterfest is our guard, percussion, and winds competition usually held in February or March. Our campus fills with students, parents, and staff from all across the North Carolina, even from neighboring states. Volunteer information comes out during the couple months ahead of the event with details for signing up for jobs such as parking, concessions, hospitality, warm-up monitors, etc.

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