West Johnston Band 2015

PNC Volunteer   

Questions?:  Contact:  schedulingpnc@gmail.com

By volunteering to work at the PNC Arena as part of the West Johnston High School Band Parent Association (WJHS BPA) crew, you will have the opportunity to meet other band parents, witness the excitement of professional hockey and ACC basketball, learn the art of keeping up with multiple orders and pouring the perfect draft, meet other parents from other organizations that are working for their kids as well and learn the inner workings of a catering facility.  Best of all, you will be earning money toward your student's Incidental Expense (IE) account without taking money out of your personal bank account.  PNC is a great earning opportunity AND it’s a lot of fun!

PNC Fact Sheet

WJHS BPA is contracted with the PNC Arena to man a concession stand as a fund raising organization.  We are responsible for staffing the stand at all of the Hurricanes' hockey games as well as NC States' basketball games. Beyond that, we work other events that we choose throughout the year; including concerts, seminars and other sporting events.  We rely on this stand as an organization, as it brings in approximately $35,000 a year to our Band Program.  In order to maintain our contractual obligations, it is important that we meet our obligation to staff the stand every year.  

  • A percentage of the stand earnings is allocated to the WJHS BPA; the earnings from each event are then divvied up amongst the workers of that particular event based on the hours each person worked. 


  • Each worker's earnings are accrued by the BPA Treasurer and are then credited to your student's IE account.


  • Note:  Must be at least 16 years old to volunteer. 


Scheduling your volunteer hours at PNC is done through an online system. The WJHS PNC Calendar is available at https://wjhspnccalendar.acuityscheduling.com/. You will need an account to accurately track events you have volunteered to work.


BARS (Be A Responsible Server) training is required in order to serve alcoholic beverages:  It is conducted at no cost at the PNC Center multiple times a year.  NC State basketball games are considered non-alcohol events and there are several other non-alcohol events throughout the year.


A uniform is required, per our contract with PNC.  The uniform is a teal West golf shirt, West ball cap, black apron, black pants and black shoes.  The golf shirt, ball cap and apron are available, and must be purchased through, the West Johnston Band's website.  Please complete the PNC Apparel Form; see form for information regarding payment methods and how/where to submit your form.



PNC is a great way to meet other parents and get to know them. There is a sense of camaraderie that develops in the group.  We have a lot of fun and you will feel like you are in high school again, working the local fast food hangout; all the while, you will be earning money toward your/your student's IE account, without taking money out of your personal bank account.