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Incidental Expenses (IE)

General Information

There are costs associated with participating in certain activities/programs (i.e. Marching Band, Guard).  The full cost for participation in these programs is NOT due in full, up-front; rather, there are incremental payments due that are spread out over the course of several months. 

There are also opportunities to earn Credit  that can then be applied to any Amount Owed/Balance Due (or can be accrued for future use):  Any/all credit earned will be reflected/tracked in each Student's IE Account.

Click on each of these opportunities to read more information!

  1. Purchasing Grocery Cards

  2. Volunteering as a PNC (Arena) Volunteer (Note: must be at least 16 years old) 

  3. Purchasing ShopWithScrip

In addition to the on-going IE earning opportunities cited above, other specific/one-time opportunities may also be available. For example, each student earns IE credit for the tickets they sell for the Reverse Raffle.

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