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Volunteer Opportunities 

Compass Classic


Being a part of the Hospitality Team is a great way to get to know and support our Marching Band students.  

And, you do not have to cook or be at every event!

The Details...

  • What do we do?...Hospitality coordinates and provides the following:

    • Meals for Staff (breakfast and lunch) during Band Camp;

    • Dinners for Students during the 2nd week of Band Camp* (Mon., 8/9 - Weds., 8/11);

    • Dinner for Students and Staff before Football Games*;

    • Snacks at Competitions

    • Food during overnight or longer trips;

    • Assists with Director and Judges Hospitality at Compass Classic and Winterfest


(*Students pay $5 per meal)


  • What do we need?...

    • Volunteers to help with cooking (recipe and all ingredients provided);

    • Volunteers to provide purchased or homemade meals for Band Camp Staff;

    • Delicious desserts for Students (Band Camp and Football Games);

    • Volunteers to help with serving Students;

    • Snack and water donations for Competitions


For more information, please email

Uniform Washers:

Being a uniform washer is an easy way to help the Band from the comfort of your own home.

The Details...

  • When:  

    • During the Fall Marching Band Season; AFTER each performance;

  • What/How: 

    • Uniform Washers will take a set number of assigned uniforms home, wash them, and then return them to the Uniform Room (in the Band Room) by a set date;

    • Washing is easy and instructions are provided - Click Here For Washing Instructions...

    • A Schedule will be sent to each Uniform Washer and posted in the Uniform Room.

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